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World Cleanup Day Registration

Thank you for joining Cornwall's community cleanup! On September 17 and 18, we are inviting service clubs, schools, community groups, churches, and nature-lovers to choose a location to collect litter.

Please fill out the form below to sign up. Please email if you have any questions.

The list below represents high-priority areas for litter collection. We will remove locations from this list as groups register for them. You can choose from this list, or identify another area within the City of Cornwall.

  • Campbell Avenue
  • Second Street West from East Ridge to Boundary
  • Montreal Road from Dunbar to Boundary
  • Montreal Road from Danis to Dunbar
  • Montreal Road from St. Felix to Amelia
  • Brookdale Avenue from Water to Ninth
  • Brookdale Avenue from Ninth to Tollgate
  • Cumberland Avenue from Water to Ninth
  • Adams Park (Twelfth and Sydney Streets)
  • Alexander Park (Eighth and Adolphus Streets)
  • Alguire Park (Dundee and Dewhurst Avenues)
  • Ashwood Park (Morris and Antoine Streets)
  • Bell Centennial Park (Dundas Crescent)
  • Broadview Park (Henry and Thirteenth Streets)
  • Chevrier Park (Edgar and Wellington Streets)
  • Daprat Park (Daprat Avenue and Carleton Street)
  • Dover Heights Park (Robertson Avenue and Dover Road)
  • Francis Guindon Park (Norman Avenue)
  • Gallinger Park (Elsie Avenue and Lottie Street)
  • Grant Park (Kennedy Drive)
  • Guindon Park - bike path
  • Heritage Park (Heritage Place)
  • Joe St. Denis Park (Marlborough Avenue and Fourth Street)
  • King George Park (Seventh and York Streets)
  • Kinsmen Park (Third Street and Carleton Avenue)
  • Lafave Park (Anthony and Leonia Streets)
  • Larin Park (Larin Avenue)
  • Mattice Park (Edward and Lennox Streets)
  • Ray Lalonde Memorial Park (Blosson Park Drive)
  • St. Francis de Sales Park (Second Street West)
  • St. Joseph Park (Easton Avenue and Jarvis Street)
  • Sara Park (Sara Street)
  • Sathya Sai Park (Adolphus and Tenth Streets)
  • Terry Fox Memorial Park (Mercier and Ross Avenues)

By completing this form, I understand and acknowledge that:

  1. Safety must be your first priority. Wear bright clothing and sturdy footwear. Stay far from the road. Do not collect litter alone.
  2. Trespassing on private property is not permitted. Litter collection can only take place on public property: near sidewalks, near ditches, in parks, on trails, etc.
  3. When you're done collecting litter, place the full bag of trash in a public space like a boulevard, or beside a sidewalk. Attach your sticker, and let us know where to find it: or 613-362-8298.
  4. Great prizes are ready to be won! Submit a photo of your group in action, or your full bags, at the contact information above.

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