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Park User Permit Request

Please fill out this request form. Once you submit this form, staff will be in contact to further discuss your proposed event.

Type of Event / Initial Fees (Add 13% HST)

Wedding/Performance $100.00
Corporate Picnics $75.00
Non-Profit/Fundraising Initiatives $50.00
Fishing Tournament $50.00
Community Festivals $25.00


The Organization/User Group hereby shall Hold Harmless and shall fully Indemnify the Corporation of the City of Cornwall, its elected officials, employees and agents and its successors and assigns, from and against all actions, claims, and demands whatsoever which may be brought against or made upon the City of Cornwall and against all loss , liability, judgements, claims, costs, demands or expenses which the City of Cornwall may sustain, suffer or be put to, resulting from or arising out of the Organization/User Group’s failure to exercise reasonable care, skill or diligence in the performance or rendering of any work or service required hereunder to be performed or rendered by the Organization/User Group, its agents, servants, or employees.


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